Haan FS20 Steam Floor Cleaner Review

Haan FS20 Steam Floor Cleaner Review

The Haan FS20 is an impressive little steam floor cleaner, and I felt it deserved to be placed on my list of favorite steam floor cleaners to recommend.

If you found my review on the Haan FS20, you should know that this is not the only steam floor cleaner review I’ve written.

As I searched for the best steam cleaner for my home, I researched a number of brands and models, including:

I also wrote reviews on some steam floor cleaner mop pads, like the Bissell Steam Mop Pads and the Haan Microfiber Pads, just to give everyone an idea of what kind of investment they are making.

When you purchase a steam floor cleaner, it’s always a good idea to check out the pads you’ll need to buy, too, since they are typically a separate purchase. The cleaner you choose usually comes with one or two to start, but then you’ll need to buy additional pads as time goes on.

I wrote this  Haan FS20 review with the hopes that it will somehow aide you in your search for the best steam floor cleaner for you, so I’ve included basic model information, its features and benefits, and any drawbacks I thought consumers should be aware of.

I also provided a few customer reviews I found that I felt might help you make your decision, too.

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At just about seven pounds, the Haan FS20 is a light steam floor cleaning model. It is an ergonomic, yellow-colored design that is made for sanitizing hard surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals.

There is no assembly required and the Haan FS20 has maintained a 4-star rating average at retailers such as Amazon.

The Haan FS20 is designed for large and small living spaces, although its size is ideal for condos, apartments, or townhomes.

It’s not too large or bulky, so it can easily fit in a small utility closet or in compact storage spaces. The Haan FS20 is one of the most versatile, economical model options that the Haan brand has to offer.

Features and Benefits

The Haan brand is known for providing consumers with affordable, ergonomically-designed steam floor cleaners, which contributes to the testimonies you’ll find on this particular Haan FS20 model.

I found the Haan FS20 to be especially convenient due to its design. The way the handle is constructed helps to keep your wrist from growing tired due to any stress or strain, so you can clean as long as you need to without having to take a break.

Aside from its ergonomical design, the Haan FS20 offers other features that I really like. Here are some of the key features that the Haan FS20 has to offer:

Another benefit of the Haan FS20 is its price. I couldn’t talk about this steam floor cleaner and not mention the price tag! I think it’s one of the cleaner’s nicest advantages, especially considering its user-friendly design and its functionality.

You get a lot for your dollar, which I think anyone can appreciate. You can get it for under a hundred bucks, which isn’t bad in my book.

“This is a minor thing, but I noticed the Haan FS20 doesn’t really leave a nice, fresh smell after using it on my floors. That’s my only qualm with it. Overall, it’s a great steam cleaner for light, everyday cleaning.”

“I took my time checking out the Haan FS20 and in the end was pleased with my purchase. This cleaner heats up really good, it cost me less than eighty bucks, and it comes with a carpet attachment for freshening up my rugs, which many other models didn’t offer.”

“The Haan FS20 is really easy to use, but my favorite thing about it is the high temperature it heats up to. Unlike some of the other steam cleaners out there, you don’t need to run this cleaner slowly to make sure it properly sanitizes. It’s way hotter than other cleaner temperatures, so you can pretty much bet that the high temp blasts away any germs immediately upon contact.”

“I wish the construction was a bit sturdier and that I didn’t have to hold the steamer in place over dirty, high-traffic areas, but the Haan FS20 still delivers a lot for very little cost. It works great in my small apartment and doesn’t take up much space in storage. I’d recommend it for anyone who needs a regular, easy-to-use cleaner but who is sick and tired of mops and buckets.”


Out of everything I liked about the Haan FS20, I understood why there were so many mixed reviews. This is a great steam cleaner and I’d recommend it at the drop of a hat, but it has a few drawbacks that are worth mentioning.

I wasn’t crazy about the construction of this cleaner. It seemed durable and solidly built, but it felt a little flimsy as I swept it across my floors. Still, the ergonomic handle definitely reduces strain on my wrist, so I can’t really complain about that.

I would say the Haan FS20 is a great steam cleaner overall, although it’s not for everyone. If you have very high-traffic areas in your home with a lot of dirt build up, or if you are expecting a commercial-quality cleaner, the Haan FS20 isn’t for you.

However, if you want a steam cleaner that is easy to use, is easy on your hands and wrists, and gives you sanitized, clean-looking floors on a regular basis, the Haan FS20 is appropriately priced and a great option for everyday cleaning.

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